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 We connect authors, thinkers, and other creatives to different audiences
using a broad range of media.

Our Platforms

The Relatable Voice Podcast

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Experience a captivating 30 minute interview on The Relatable Voice Podcast (RV), rated among he top 0.5% of most popular shows globally. With over 3+ million downloads and 400+ episodes, The RV podcast connects with listeners and readers alike. We continue growing at a rate of 3 new episodes per week.

Join us for a virtual ride like no other, amplifying your messages and sparking engagement.

Coming Soon
December 2023

The Relatable Voice Magazine

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Showcase your work to a vast audience in The Relatable Voice monthly magazine! Be interviewed and featured in our print and digital publication. Submit your article TODAY and let your voice be heard!

The RV Book Fair
November 2023


Are you ready to take your writing to new heights and reach a worldwide audience? The RV Book Fair is your golden opportunity. With limited spaces available, this exclusive event, hosted by Lucia Matuonto and Pat Backley promises to be an unforgettable showcase for your talent.

Reserve your spot at The RV Book Fair and get ready to make your mark on the literary world!

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From home or on the road, catch your favorite story.

At “Catch The Story”, each episode will showcase storytellers from diverse backgrounds who will present their pieces for our listeners, whether it be fiction or a heart-felt personal account.

Get ready to be inspired and join us as we celebrate the timeless art of storytelling, one episode at a time.

UNCUT with Lucia

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Be part of UNCUT with Lucia, a video show presented by the renowned platform. 

Promote your work, share your valuable insights, and connect with fellow authors and passionate readers. Each interview takes around 25 minutes, providing you with a platform to engage with viewers.

Don't miss this opportunity to make your mark in the literary world!

Brand Education


Are you looking for an opportunity to have your work featured on a prestigious platform with a global reach? BrandEducation, the World's first digital brand magazine, is here to give your book the spotlight it deserves. We offer Books Shoutouts, publish your article and put you in the spotlight.

Pen to Paper
July 2024

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