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Welcome! We assist authors, thinkers, and influencers in reaching a huge audience of fellow authors and listeners with their stories and messages. Our ultimate goal is to establish vibrant and meaningful connections beyond geographic boundaries in order to discuss and promote key ideas that could inspire others.

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The Relatable Voice Magazine - April 2023

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The RV Book Fair
Spring 2023


The Relatable Voice podcast is holding the second edition of
the RV Book Fair in Spring 2023.
The event, is hosted by the RV’s Lucia Matuonto and author Pat Backley.

This exclusive event will allow you to get to know your favorite authors
and discover new authors all at once. 

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Our Services

 We are a multimedia company that offers a wide range of services to help creators get their stories shared around the world. We are the studio behind the talk show called “UNCUT with Lucia”, as well as the podcast sensation called The Relatable Voice. Aside from these two productions, we also offer a variety of promotional services to help fellow creators, such as guest appearances, promotional content publishing, proofreading, advertising and others.

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Self Promotion
Business Meeting
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