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September 2023


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The Relatable Voice Magazine Issue #10 - June 2023

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Dear Reader,
The latest issue of The Relatable Voice magazine is now available, and summer is in full swing. This month, we took a trip to the beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic. The article takes us on a journey through its cobblestone streets and shows us how to explore the entire city on foot.
Our cover star is Dr. Teresa Cody, a dentist specializing in Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments. Dr. Cody shares valuable insights into the benefits and applications of this innovative treatment method. We are so delighted to share this enlightening article with you!
We also have an excellent article from Franklin Ezenwa, who helps us exercise our courage muscles in order for us to live life without fear.
In our interview section, we feature Dario Cannizzario, a writer and film director. We get to exchange travel stories from his adventures in his VW RV named Charlie. As the creator of The RV podcast, you can imagine how happy I was to hear his stories.
Additionally, we are collaborating with so many other fantastic authors, from J.V. Hilliard to Roseanna White and Misty Beller. You’re sure to find your next summer read from this issue!
And what about some delicious and healthy treats for the weekend? We have two recipes waiting for you that you absolutely must try and are perfect to bring to your beach or picnic day. If you end up trying to make them at home, be sure to post your creation online and tag us.
Stay tuned for more updates and upcoming details about this year's Book Fair.
Happy reading!

Lucia Matuonto

Editor in chief, creator and host of The Relatable Voice Podcast.

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