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September 2023


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The Relatable Voice Magazine - Issue #11, July 2023

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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the eleventh issue of The Relatable Voice Magazine!
It's been an incredible adventure, and I'm excited to present this month's edition.

You'll find captivating articles on healthy eating, writing and social media, as well as a breathtaking visual tour of Cappadocia's stunning cave architecture.

Dive into the expert advice of our cover star, Kalee Boisvert, and become a true money boss with her valuable tips.

We had the privilege of interviewing talented actors Dorothy Meyers, Lolita Milena, and Brendan Bradley, who graciously shared their experiences and insights from the world of entertainment.

Additionally, we are excited to introduce you to Kiko, an influential educator who brings language learning to life with a creative approach. Prepare to be inspired by Kiko's innovative teaching methods.

Thank you once again for your continued support and for being a valued reader of The Relatable Voice Magazine. Your presence is what makes this journey truly remarkable.

Enjoy this issue, embrace the stories that touch your heart, and let us continue to inspire and uplift one another.

See you on the road!

Lucia Matuonto
Chief Editor and Creator of “The Relatable Voice” podcast & magazine
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