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December 2023
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The Relatable Voice Magazine - Issue #7 - March 2023

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This month, our cover star is the lovely Denise Schroder. Denise is a top-ranked CEO of Schroder Real Estate Group, and book author of Out of The Box: My Response to Everyone Who Said I Could Never Sell Real Estate. Even having been featured on Oprah, she is the perfect example of perseverance.
We feature Jamil Dornelles, an artist who has used his work to overcome his health battles. He is another example of how to persevere and use the arts as a way to overcome any challenge.

We also have the actress Stephanie Swift, who is most recently in the Tom Hanks film “A Man Called Otto”. These are just three of the many features in this month’s magazine that can inspire anyone who needs some motivation.

I also included a feature about my home city of Rio de Janeiro, so we sent the RV to celebrate this year’s Carnival. This is the most famous event in Brazil, and after it being canceled due to COVID for a couple of years, Brazil has persevered and has definitely made up for the time lost.

So hop in and let’s hit the road together.

Safe travels,

Lucia Matuonto
Chief Editor and Creator of “The Relatable Voice” podcast & magazine

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