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September 2023


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The Relatable Voice magazine - Issue #12, August 2023

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Dear Reader,

Woo-hoo! Get ready to put on your party hats and join the celebration because it's time for the 12th exciting issue of The Relatable Voice magazine!
Yes, we've hit the one-year mark, and we're very pleased to share this anniversary issue with you! We started this journey with a whole lot of passion and a sprinkle of craziness, and boy, has it been an epic ride!
Our mission? Simple – to bring you the juiciest, most authentic stories, experiences, and perspectives from the most inspiring and engaging contributors.
The Relatable Voice magazine and Podcast became a thriving community where inspiration, creativity, and good vibes thrive.
The hartbeat of this community are our incredible contributors and editors, who work tirelessly to bring you, our readers, content that'll make you laugh, cry, and experience all the feels.
Meet this issue’s cover star, the amazing author and educator, Roger Leslie.
Roger's mission in life focuses on personal success and enlightenment for all people.
Go on a virtual trip to Fiji's jaw-dropping beaches and meet its charming folks, all thanks to the adventurous article by Pat Backley.
Sandy Rodriguez is on a mission to kick ageism to the curb with her empowering piece, while Ron Hammond reminds us why kindness and integrity are the coolest superpowers.
There are so many amazing articles that you need to read. No more spoils.
Let's raise our virtual glasses to one year of The Relatable Voice! Your support and enthusiasm keep us going, and we can't wait to bring you more incredible stories in the years to come.
Thank you for being part of our wonderful journey.

Safe travels!

Lucia Matuonto

Chief Editor and Creator of “The Relatable Voice” podcast & magazine

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