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September 2023


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The Relatable Voice magazine - Issue #13, September 2023

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Dear Reader,

welcome to the 13th issue of The Relatable Voice Magazine! We're excited to have you join us for a collection of beautiful stories.
On our cover is Angie Maserati, an incredible singer and poet with a lifelong dedication to her craft.
Her belief in the victory of love shines through her work.

Summer's beauty springs to life through Justin Miller's lens as he takes us on a visual journey through Greece. Get ready to enjoy its breathtaking landscapes.

As September marks Suicide Awareness Month, Dr. David Jobes shares enlightening insights into a pioneering approach that offers support to those grappling with suicidal thoughts, illuminating a path of hope.

Dr. Candice Seti explores our relationship with food, offering insights to cultivate a healthier connection. This edition is brimming with more stories awaiting your discovery.

As you immerse yourself in these narratives, may they resonate and remind us of our shared humanity. Let these pages be a wellspring of inspiration. Your continuous support has molded The Relatable Voice Magazine into what it is today, and we are immensely grateful.

Find enjoyment in these stories that ignite connections through shared experiences.

Best wishes,

Lucia Matuonto
Chief Editor and Creator of “The Relatable Voice” podcast & magazine

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